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This Isn’t a Gym. This Is Your Commitment to Yourself.

If you’re serious about testing what you can do, about reaching your full physical and athletic potential, you’ve come to the right place. At The Performance Lab, we’re not about zoning out on the elliptical for half an hour and patting ourselves on the back. We’re about focus, drive, community and support. We’re about motivation. Proper form. Intensity. Passion. And always, always striving for the next level.

Join us today. Commit. Come be part of the TPL family. #tplfam

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“We have set out to try to help everybody be the best they can be – and not just athletically. We want to teach, help and support each person live the best life they can live by excelling in school, work or whatever it may be. Our team is here to help you achieve your goals.” – John Potter, Owner