The Performance Lab

Group Classes:
Destroy Your Comfort Zone

You can’t hide in these group classes. Our group classes are designed to identify and destroy your comfort zone. We want to unleash that beast we know is in you. Our world-class instructors have trained elite athletes, and they’re ready to turn their focus on you. You’ll be tested by plyometrics, agility exercises, strength training, and more. We’ll keep you motivated, supported, and spotted.

Our group fitness classes are 1 hour long and will keep you pushing until the last minute. A full body program that targets different muscles everyday.

Our group classes are designed to:

  • Get you to your highest level of fitness and health
  • Test your speed and agility, no matter your age or ability
  • Provide team training through combined program development for all sports and ages
  • Lift you up with great camaraderie and a high-energy atmosphere
  • Compete with yourselves and through class challenges
  • Give you a full-body workout using modern theories and techniques
  • Deliver results
  • Push boundaries for people of all ages, from kids to people in their golden years

You can combine strength and femininity. We do it every day at The Bakery, TPL’s women’s-only class that focuses on glutes, legs and abs. Every workout combines strength and femininity with intense functional training designed to lift, strengthen, tighten, and tone. We throw in awesome cardio fueled by good music and high energy. Come embrace and enhance your curves while powering through a hardcore workout — you’re going to love the results.


Are you trying to improve a 40 time or get that jump off of first base to beat the throw? Cover the net in volleyball? Grab more rebounds? This is the class you're looking for. The TPL speed and agility program was created to focus specifically on increasing the athlete's explosiveness, speed, change of direction, vertical and overall quickness.

8 sessions - $100/month
12 sessions - $150/month