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Our philosophy has and always will be the same - affordability and attendance. We don't want price to ever be an issue and we want you to be able to train as much as you'd like, regardless of your schedule. Similar programs charge 3 times as much as us and if you stay a minute past your session they'll have an additional charge for those 60 seconds too. But that's the difference between a facility and a family.

We have one flat rate that'll never have added bills, especially not for wanting to get some extra work in or spend extra time with us! It's simple, pay your membership dues and get dual access to all of the TPL Group Fitness and Bakery classes on the schedule - do a double if you'd like! 

As long as you want to put in the work we want you. We want you to sweat with us, to eat with us, to add to the culture, and to contribute to the bigger picture, the #tplfam. 

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Group Fitness Pricing - $100/month.