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October 10, 2017

Being an owner didn't make me a proud man.

Being a proud man made me an owner.


Oct 10, 2017 marked 2yrs of TPL’s existence as it’s own free standing business.

You never know what you’re capable of completing or obtaining until you’re actually put to the test.

I say that because if I never would have challenged myself to open a business, manage a business, and work the business...With no challenge TPL isn’t here.

I chose to hire young, inexperienced, and opinionated employees. Whom are all passionate and have a great deal of potential. But lack the experience that most would want. I want the opposite no experience and all the room for growth. We will have more roadblocks but we will also have more energy to overcome them

I chose to not hire a manager when my right hand man moved away to pursue a passion of his. Not because we didn’t need one. But would force me to work side by side with my employees and not for me. I firmly believe you can’t work for a man you can’t respect. And I want their respect.

I chose to do these things because it would demand more out of me. Would force me to be involved hourly. Forced me to think about TPL 7 days a week.

Would demand me to be a “jack of all trades” kinda guy. I would need to be a utility player.Forced me to motivate myself, learn how to motivate an employee, keep an employee happy, manage the company and make it all make sense so we can pay some bills lol.

At times I’ve wanted to scream and fight.

-I swear only once or twice though haha

But I knew it’s what we needed to make 24months happen. It’s what I needed to learn who was and is right for our team.

I say all of this to have you challenge yourself.

We as humans fall into our comfort zones and never venture out.

We don’t like school so we quit

We don’t like our coach so we quit

We don’t like our job/boss/role/co-worker so we quit

If you quit what do you really learn?


If you fight growth what are you doing?

Most will reply “staying the same”

That’s impossible. You can’t stay the same.

Everyday you wake up it’s another day closer to you dying so obviously it’s not the same lol

So you’re either getting worse or getting better

The choice is yours

I chose and will continue to choose to challenge myself and my team.

And sometimes I’ll be the bad guy

I’ll be too much they’ll say

Not understanding they’ll say

Even arrogant I’d assume some might say

But it’s worked

I’m a Modesto kid

Modesto born and raised

I rep the city wherever I’m at

I’m not ashamed of what has made me

I don’t come from a business family

I have no business, marketing or communications degree.

All life experiences baby

If I can be open for 2yrs I can make another 2

And if I can you can.

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