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Your decision.

Our Q.O.T.D today was:

You either do life, or let life do you. It’s your choice.

I wrote this and it really hit home for me.

We all have this vision of whom we want to be.
Whether it’s a family man, a business owner or whatever we perceive as being successful.

However, for most that’s where it stops and the phrase “life happens” is inserted.

I believe if we focused on the things that we can control more times than not we would reach the desired destination. Many friends of mine have had great ideas and capabilities. However, they’ve waited too long. They sat out too long and now they’re on the sideline looking at the game instead of being in it, playing. Every day you can change your life for the better or worse. Every day that you don’t make a move you’re falling back. There’s someone who’s envious of your position. So, they’re doing everything in their power to pass you up.

So why let them?

Life will throw curveballs and you’ll have speedbumps. But, speedbumps were only made to slow the progress, not stop it. So, you’re stopping yourself. Nobody can pull you out of the hole but you. There’s no special formula. There’s no special class to take. There’s no special book you can read. It’s called WORK. Good, old-fashioned, roll your sleeves up and get your elbows dirty, work. Nothing replaces it. So, with that mentality life can’t ever do you because you’ll find a way to beat it.

You only have one life…don’t choose to lose in it.

Jefe out.

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